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September 23rd, 2011

By Steve Conde

What is a point of sale mat? Have you ever gone into an auto parts store and seen the rubber-like mat on the counter? They are commonly seen in pharmacies, jewelry stores, electronic stores and a host of others. These are point of sale mats. Large franchises have these made up by the thousands and send them out to their branch stores for the sole purpose of advertising some new product they want to sell. Some stores especially like them because they serve as a protective pad for their glass counters and showcases. In Europe, they are used everywhere since your change is always placed on a mat or in a bowl and never handed to you.

In the USA, these are pretty much limited to large companies that can make use of 100 or more mats at a time since they are commonly screen printed or molded. Little mom and pop stores rarely get to use them unless some distributor gives them one. I often see beer and cigarette companies doing this.

Many mom and pop or even larger retailers would love to have a point of sale mat personalized and advertising what they want to sell rather than some generic beer commercial. A restaurant might use one with a picture of their homemade pies on them to remind customers to take one home with them.

A hobby shop might have one reminding customers to pick up an extra tube of glue or the latest issue of a hobby magazine as they pay their bill. Still another might introduce a new web-site, home delivery, store hours, some special or an upcoming sale.

Because these are so inexpensive and such a good form of advertising, retailers will want to rotate them often. This means more business for you!

Consider selling, not one, but twelve at a time! Each month the customer gets a new one (or more) with a completely new advertisement on it. Christmas in December, flags in July, etc.

Here’s another idea. If a customer doesn’t think the mat will work, ask if you can give him one and let him see for himself. Of course, you get to put your advertisement on it too!

If you just look for “mats”, you will find the official DyeTrans Counter Mat and several others that will work just great. Check these out:

§ The DyeTrans® Counter Mat, 24″ x 14″, is made of mouse pad material. These counter mats are excellent for restaurants and other businesses, easily imprinted with logos.

§ The DyeTrans Placemat is 16” x 10” : This is also made of mousepad material, is 100% polyester with a rubber backing. It accepts a nice image and is tough as nails. It is also cheap, cheap, cheap at only $1.60 each

§ The RowMark PlaceMATES Mat is my favorite. Also 10” x 16”, it isn’t too large and the quality of the image will blow you away! They make food look good enough to eat. If your mat is going to be used in a dirty environment like a car parts store or even restaurant, this mat wipes clean in an instant. It is a bit more costly than the DyeTrans version but is still well under $10.

§ Mousepads: For places where these are too large, consider an 8” x 10” or 7’ x 9” mousepad. Serves the same purpose, just smaller. Pads are available in both the DyeTrans and MouseMATES material.

Need something larger? Contact your Condé representative and ask them to print the larger mats for you. The larger mats include 14” x 24”, 17.5” x 26.5”, 19.5” x 29.5” sizes. Ask your Condé rep for additional choices and options.

Point of sale mats – a great form of advertising for you or your customer!

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