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September 27th, 2011

By Steve Conde


Do you have a web-site for your photo-gifting business? Probably not or if you do, you might not be very proud of it. Web-sites are very expensive to have made and very time consuming to maintain and keep up to date. I have a couple and why I don’t know because I am too ashamed of them to give them out! I paid a lot of money for one but the guy never really finished it and it always seems to be out dated. It seems that if you don’t have an I-T Department , and very few of us do, it is just hopeless to try and produce a really nice web-site and keep it fresh and up to date. Everyone agrees you have to have a “web presence but web-sites for me are a nightmare and I am ready to give up.


But wait! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Finally, some hope. Could it be that someone is working on a web-site that would feature all of the Condé product line, include on-line purchasing that is 100% secure, and that is kept up to date and constantly refreshed? Could it be that the cost for the site is a monthly fee that is low enough that anyone who promotes his site can easily show a nice profit? Could it be a site that uses my own web-site name and that I can go on and add or eliminate whatever products I want, and set my own prices? Could it be true?


I have predicted that this would happen for years but I had given up hope – until now. Guess what Condé is working on? You guessed it – a “generic” web-site that we can personalize and use pretty much the way we want to. It hasn’t been formally announced yet so not all the details have been worked out but I happen to know it is close enough to reality that it causes my mouth to water.


What will it cost? Too soon to know for sure but here is the thing: Condé will price it low enough that as many dealers as possible will take advantage of it. Why? One, because they have to cover the thousands of dollars it costs to build and maintain the web-site and they can’t do that with just a handful of takers and two, because the more Condé products you sell and make money on, the more products they sell and that’s the motivation for the web-site in the first place. It is as simple as that: Your success is their success.


Now I don’t work for Condé, except to write these Blogs. I’m an independent dealer just like you probably are and I sell products from other distributors just like you probably do. And although Condé folks would prefer we bought all our products from them, they know that isn’t reality and they are fine with that because they are making it possible for us to upload the products we buy from other distributors into our version of this new web-site as well. What more could we ask?


What more could we ask? I’ll tell you what more we can ask. We can ask, “When will it be ready?”


More and more, people are doing their shopping at home on the Internet and there is no reason in this world we shouldn’t be getting a piece of that action. Whether you promote your site nationwide or just locally, it is definitely the future and I for one, want to be a part of it. It is truly an exciting time in the life of sublimation.

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